About Us

HibaAsim bridals is synonymous to beauty, panache, and elegance. Our inspiration is from our culture and heritage. Our brand lives with the philosophy of the development of traditional craft and crafts people.


Our fashion house is established in 2005 and earned early recognition and identity because of its vibrant balanced color pallet, intricacy with blend of ethnic feel, which is our forte. Along with cultural inspiration, we combine classic and traditional textile design elements with contemporary fashion silhouettes.


Our specialization in the study of Textile Art is from National Collage of Art, has greatly honored our skills and endorses the usage of natural resources, traditional processes, and techniques including block printing, miniature art, rally, quilting, gota work, phulkari, kanta work, and various types of ancient embroidery styles.


Our work not only derived from rich cultural heritage but also contributes from the bank of textile reserves and ancient crafts. We have over the time built a strong design foundation through our research in the techniques and nuances of textile and design not as a mere observer but entrenching our self in the process, yet adoring the expedition.